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Glo-Academy is the Global Auto Systems Education Services unit that provides Package based / paced learning and training for all individuals at affordable rates and convenient times!

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Our Courses

Our Featured Courses

Selecting from the courses that will bring you to the knowing world.

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Application Design

Application design is one of the primary ways people choose which apps they will use regularly and which mobile and web apps they won’t use again.

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Data and Accounting-based systems.

Tally Data Connector transfer Sale, Purchase, Payment (Out Going Payments), Receipt (Incoming Payments) from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Tally.

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BigData analytics

Big Data Analytics offers a nearly endless source of business and informational insight, that can lead to operational improvement for companies.

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System Automation

Service Automation with Microsoft Dynamics application helps organizations efficiently track, manage, and deliver project-based services, from the initial sale all the way to invoicing.

Our Trainers

We Have The Best Trainers

From different Proffesionals from the various ways of life that are ready and available to train individuals that are in need of them.

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Eng. Otim B.


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Mr. Edwin N.


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Eng. Ezati Joseph

Python Programming

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Ms. Maureen N.


Alumni Testimonial

Some of the success stories of some of the interns from Global Auto Systems.

Why Glo-Academy

A Center of Excellence and Quality Education
"We Never Bargain With Quality".

Knowledge is Power

Its our responbility to seek the knowledge from everywhere so as to leverage it to benefit our atmost needs in life and Glo-Academy offers this knowledge without hesitation.

Practical Hands-on

When students are given the ability to learn in a practical hands-on environment, they are very often engaged, stimulated and want to learn as much as possible.

Create long-lasting relationships and professional connections

Networking is important. It can help with job leads, lead to opportunities for personal improvement and open doors for various areas of career advancement. The connections you make can help you get a jump-start on your career, and those relationships can challenge your ideas and provide new insights.

Learn valuable skills

College won’t only teach you how to become a good student; it can also teach you skills that will help you succeed in any career. Many schools have mandatory courses for underclassmen that promote collaboration and group work, equipping you to share ideas and communicate with team members in any setting.

Achieve job security

This is consistent with longer-term trends, where workers with at least a bachelor’s degree typically have half the unemployment rate of those with just a high school diploma.

Explore different career options

This is the perfect time to join organizations, try out clubs and attend classes that are outside of your comfort zone. You could choose to get a minor or certificate in another field, which can bolster your job prospects and diversify your skillset.